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  all items are handmade in alaska


Earring Care Instructions

For all Earrings:

Keep away from moisture

Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing

Remove when active, sleeping, or showering

Clean with a soft, wet cloth 

Keep earrings hung to prevent distortion

Rabbit fur and Salmon skin:


Materials may get distorted if exposed to water.

*Wipe jewelry metal with a polishing cloth until shine is restored*


Meet the makers

Cheyenne, Anna and Selina are the makers behind Midnight Sun Coastal Designs, an Alaskan based and inspired handmade polymer clay earring business that just started up in 2020 during the start of the pandemic.  All three of them are full time mamas who love to create new designs whenever they can. Cheyenne and Selina are sisters and Anna is their sister-in-law.


Cheyenne is a wife and mother of 3. She has her bachelors degree in psychology from UAF. Currently she is a stay at home mama who supports her family through her artistry. 

Anna is a wife and mother of 2. She has her bachelors degree in psychology from UAA. Currently she works part time as a counselor for teens in crisis and stays home with her kids and works on earrings the other part of the time.

Selina is a wife and mother of 5. Currently, she helps support her family through her artistry.

We are so grateful and appreciative of everyone who has supported our business in a successful launch and looking forward to where the future takes us.



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